Zak and Sasha: about us
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Name: Robert Olson A.K.A. The Swede

Job: Lackey (professional) Artist and writer of Zak and Sasha

Stats: 5 foot 4 inches. ( I’m not short you’re all too damn tall! )
Blue eyes and blonde hair. (What’s left of it anyway. )

Explanation: Nothing good on T.V. lead to my creation. An episode of The New Adventures of Batman entitled "The Deamon Within" lead to the creation Zak and Sasha. See what unholy creations television has unleashed on the world! Kill your T.V. now and walk with me in the garden of online comics. Let us meditate on the glory of it all. OOOHHHHMMMM. OOOOHHHHHMMMM.

illustrator and story guy

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Name: Bob Mitra

Job: Free Lance Designer and Newbie Web Guy

Stats: N.A.

Explanation: Wanted to build a site to showcase my friend Rob's great talents as a Comic Artist/Illustrator.

designer and web guy