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Sasha is the seventh child in a litter of nine. Her mother (Snickers) was a simple country cat who led a very quiet life. Sasha herself yearns for a simple life, but that all became irrelevent when Zak found a page in his mother's spell book outlining the importance of having a feline defender. Some of the more complicated spells take time to cast and leave the caster vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, it is the defender's responsibility to step in and take whatever grueling punishment was intended for the spell caster. Sasha, being a cat, of course can’t read, but Zak assures her that the exact words are written down in the spellbook. A highly emotional person, Sasha tends to be melodramatic and reacts without thinking in tense situations. Sadly, this could end up being the final nail in the coffin for the both of them if this is not addressed.

It should be noted that witches usually acquire trainers for their defenders to teach them a number of different fighting disciplines in order to increase the defenders effectiveness and insure the witches' own safety.

Zak, Sasha, and all related characters are the copyrighted creative property of Rob Olson 2002.

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