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The Order of the Grey:
Order of the Grey

The Order of the Grey is unique amongst the witching orders because their primary tenet is to remain neutral in all conflicts and not exceed the usage of their magic beyond immediate self serving gratification. Any major changes beyond self status, good or bad, results in immediate destruction of the witches spell book and memory wipe of all knowledge of the Order, spells, or witches in general. (It should be noted that there have been exceptions to the rule, but such rulings can only be made by a unanimous vote amongst the council of five.)

The Order has but one charge and that is to maintain the safety of the Dragon. This immensely powerful creature was laid to rest several millennia ago by the first of the witches. Unfortunately the spell was not strong enough to lay the Dragon to rest forever and the creature is expected to rise again in the near future. It will take the power of all the Grey witches transferred to a prophesied supreme witch to cast a spell stong enough to put the Dragon into an eternal sleep. Witches draw their powers from the Dragon who puts out a magical radiation of sorts even in its slumber. It is for this reason that the Dragons survival is imperative.

Zak, Sasha, and all related characters are the copyrighted creative property of Rob Olson 2002.

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