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It’s the story of what happens when an outcast teenager comes to possess great powers without any moral guidance. Zaks’ mother (Rebecca ‘’ Becky ’’ Milquetoast) is forbidden by her order (The Witches of the Grey) to interfere in Zaks development. Zaks’ father (Sherman Milquetoast) is completely oblivious to the fact that his wife is a witch, or that several witch orders exsist (Order of the White, Order of the Black, and the aforementioned Order of the Grey.) In the sleepy little town of Melas (pronounced Me-Lass) Zak not only has typical teenage problems to worry about but also has to be concerned with good and evil witches taking an intrest in him for reasons he doesn’t understand.

Sasha. For countless years witches have used cats as companions and more recently as bodyguards. Giviving the animal the ability to shift into a human/cat hybrid form the animal retains all of its feline abilities now equipped with a strong body and opposible thumbs. Sasha is opposed to being dragged into Zaks new life, but (against the rules of her order) Mrs. Milquetoast has told Sasha of a greater destiny in store for her son and the importance of him not falling in league with either of the other two orders. Sworn to secrecy Sasha has agreed (reluctantly) to look out for Zak and be his conscience during times of doubt.

Story so far-October 2002: (
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Zak, in a desperate attempt to achieve social popularity, has turned his feline boyguard and house pet, Sasha, human! Sasha has had her very being split into a fourteen year old human girl and a small grey tabby cat nicknamed little Sasha (

The plan, such as it is, is to have Sasha pose as Zak’s girlfriend and use her uncanny ability to get people to like her to gain Zak popularity (

Meanwhile, Becky, Zak’s mother continues to wrestle with the fact that despite all her good intentions her son may actually be turning into an evil little bastard (
11.)* Unbeknownst to Becky but knownst to us Fazzari, head of the Grey order, has dispatched Milo, his feline bodyguard, to watch Becky (13.)* Fazzari believes that the final realization of Zak’s true personality will be too much for Becky and cause her to act outside the tenets of the order. Milo has been ordered to apprehend Becky, by any means neccesary, if he believes such an act is about to occur.

Oh, and Dr. Milquetoast is at the office deciding what to have for lunch!

Zak, Sasha, and all related characters are the copyrighted creative property of Rob Olson 2002.