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Rebecca ‘’Becky’’ Milquetoast:

Becky Milquetoast was recruited into the Order of the Grey when she was sixteen. Being an already spoiled and privileged child (with a great amount of untapped ability), Becky was a perfect candidate to rise through the ranks of the Grey to achieve a spot on the council of five. Becky has recently been suspended from the council due to her persistent campaign to have her son Zak accepted into the order so that he may now begin his formal training as a witch. This campaign is based on Becky's belief that Zak will become the one to put the Dragon into an eternal sleep. The council remains unconvinced and refuses to give Zak any special treatment. Due to Becky's devotion to her son, it seems highly unlikely that she will abide by the council's decision, thus endangering both herself and her son.

Zak, Sasha, and all related characters are the copyrighted creative property of Rob Olson 2002.

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