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Zachary Milquetoast:

Zak Milquetoast is a highly intelligent kid for your average fourteen year old (not that this has made his life any easier). Doing well in school has created resentment from Zak's other classmates whom he already has a difficult time relating to and making friends with. Zak is an only child and was very spoiled by his mother growing up (like she was by her mother). His father was virtually nonexistent, spending much time away from home establishing himself as the foremost authority on child psychology and development.

Zak is very used to getting his own way, and the discovery of his mother's spell book has only increased Zak's desire and ability to get what he wants. Unknown to Zak, he is under the ever watchful eye of the Order of the Grey and should his usage of the spell book exceed the Order's tenets or threaten to expose the existence of the Order, Zak will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

Zak, Sasha, and all related characters are the copyrighted creative property of Rob Olson 2002.

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